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Features and Benefits


Bamboo papers come from 100% natural bamboo fiber as raw materials, do not add any bleaching chemical raw materials. Good for health.

Suitable for many hotels

0 added, No bleaching, Food standards, Natural antibacterial , Dust-free.

Research results

Coffee filter & Napkin machine

Household paper

–Paper towels come from sustainable bamboo forests. Reusing paper towels can help reduce deforestation.
–Bamboo fiber rag is thick and soft. It features strong wear resistance, oil-resistance, and has water absorption capacity.
–A selection of microfiber materials, soft, soft fabric, comfortable and durable.
–It is not easy to lose, no oil, easy to clean.

Medical paper

— Medical paper is soft, comfortable, pure, virgin and eco-friendly.

— With high quality, strong water absorbency and solubility.

— Bamboo medical paper is no paper powder, dust and hole.

— Medical paper for Hospital, commercial, and other facilities.

Public paper

–Virgin pulp paper no add any fluorescent agent.

–Strong Absorption.

–Fit for pubic place,super market,mall.

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