Coffee filter 8 to 10 cups

Product Model: OEM

Product Description:

Description: Premium grade, high grade,high flow,oxygen processed paper with fluted edges manufactured for use as a coffee filter and fits most electric coffee makers.

Appearance: White,circulat cut paper with fluted edges

Dimensions: Diameter: 8 – 5/8”, Thickness: 0.005” ± 0.001”

Weight: 21gsm

Filtration time: Coffee: 2:00 – 2:50 minutes. Water: 0:12 – 0:24 minutes

Paper: Crown #20 basis weight-premium grade,Hi-Brite,Hi-Flo,Oxygen Processed,Non-Chlorine. Paper approved for food grade.

custom made

Customizable products

Technical Parameters: Can be customized according to customer’s needs.

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