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What is bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is a more sustainable alternative to regular wood pulp paper. Surprise, surprise, it’s made from bamboo. Bamboo, despite being a grass, has similar properties to hardwoods such as oak, maple or birch, which are commonly mixed with softwood trees such as pine to make regular toilet paper. Bamboo is incredible stuff, it […]

4 Reasons Why Bamboo Toilet Paper Would Be Good for Our Bottom Line

There you are sitting in some department store’s public restroom, and you see two toilet paper options to choose from. One is old fashioned hardwood tree toilet paper, and the other is certified, eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper. With the little that you know about both types of toilet paper, which one would you choose? If […]

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper: Bamboo vs. Recycled

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that mowing down forests for single-use paper products is poor environmental practice — not least when handfuls of said product are being literally flushed down the toilet thousands of times per second. According to a 2019 Natural Resources Defense Council report titled “The Issue With Tissue,” the U.S. leads the […]