“Toxic paper tissue”being exposed, garbage and waste also made into tissue! Have below characteristics, don’t use it after you buy them.Please learn to recognize tissues.

Paper tissue is our daily life necessity.

Sometimes take one sheet whenever you need it.

Very convenient.

Because of the huge consumption.

Lots of people stock up on cheap and affordable products.

In China, many paper tissue sell RMB9.9(USD1.38) free shipping on line. Or RMB1.0 per second.

Even get free advertisement paper tissue on the way.

Many people think this is saver way.

They don’t know they are acturally expend their health.

Mar.15,2024 “toxic tissue” being exposed, have you ever used it?

In 2023. According to the 《Science and Technology Daily》 report, Have research found that, Many country barthroom tissue after test contain toxic substances perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl(PFAS), And PFAS may increase the incidence of various cancers such as lung cancer and bowel cancer add 59% and may even reduce femail fertility by 40%.

As early as 2019, CCTV 《Weekly Quality Report》 column has done a survey on household paper, in 150 batches oof tissue paper and toilet paper samples,35 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified rate reached 24%.

Among them,9 batches toilet tissue bacterials colonies exceeded the national standard by 13 times.

Some bad suppliers will use recycled incomplete life garbage, such as: waste paper,rags,rotten gauze,etc as raw material, through the illegal addition of a large number of fluorescent whitening agent,industrial talc powder, etc, to make tissue more soft, and sell better.

“Toxic tissue” have any dangers?

Unqualified” toxic tissue” may cause damage for whole body:

Cause skin allergy

Cause intestinal diseases

Causes urological/gynecological diseases

Damage the nervous system,blood system

Safety paper, learn to read the label.

Each of us is the first person responsible for their own health, usually, it is best not to buy cheap tissue.

But if you want to buy reliable paper, it is not necessarily the more expensive the better.

①Carefully to identify the raw material.

The raw materials of paper tissue are generally virgin wood pulp paper,wood pulp paper,pure wood pulp,virgin bamboo pulp paper,pure bamboo pulp, through this data,paper quality can be distinguished.

Virgin wood pulp paper: refers to totally natural wood to made pulp paper. This kind of pulp has a higher fiber content,the paper produced is delicate and soft, and the quality is higher.

Wood pulp paper: Refers to the pulp of natural plants, including but not limited to wood pulp,grass pulp.etc. The quality of paper tissue is lower than virgin wood pulp paper.

Pure wood pulp: Refers to the pulp all come from wood, but it may be recycled original wood pulp.waste paper pulp.etc. The quality is  a little bit poor.

Virgin bamboo pulp paper: refers to totally natural bamboo to made pulp paper. This kind of pulp has a higher fiber content,the paper produced is delicate and soft, and the quality is very higher.

Pure bamboo pulp: Refers to the pulp all come from bamboo, but it may be recycled original bamboo pulp.waste paper pulp.etc. The quality is a little bit poor.

②Look at the quality grade

The higher quality level of paper, the better, that is, excellent products > first-class products > qualified products.

In short, the implementation of the standard is the “bottom line” of the tissue,and those who meet the standard can generally be assured of use.

The raw materials and quality grade is the standard to judge the quality of tissue paper, the better the raw materials, the higher the quality grade, the better the quality of paper tissue.

If you are worried about business counterfeiting, selling counterfeit, counterfeit product information, you can also identify the quality of paper through your own experience, there are the following characteristics to check:

1、Look at the appearance

Take a look at the master packaging, the selection of toilet paper should first check the master packaging. The packaging and sealing of the product should be neat and firm, without damage; The packaging should be printed with the name of the manufacturer, production date, product grade (excellent product, first-class product, qualified product)

Second, look at the appearance of the paper, the paper surface should be clean, there should be no obvious dead folds, mutilations, damage, hard blocks, raw grass, pulp and other paper diseases and impurities, the paper should not be used when serious hair, powder, paper should not be residual printing ink.

2、Look at the brightness

The product whiteness of paper tissue standard A and other products is stipulated to be 85.0% ~ 90.0%, and the normal color of paper tissue should be ivory white and natural white.

Toilet paper is not the whiter the better, it may be added to the excessive fluorescent bleach. Fluorescent agent is the main cause of dermatitis in women, long-term use may also cause cancer.

How can you tell if there’s too much fluorescent bleach?

First of all, it should be natural ivory white with the naked eye, or put the toilet paper under the irradiation of ultraviolet light (such as a banknote detector), if there is blue fluorescence, it proves that it contains fluorescent agents. Although the brightness is too low, it will not affect the use of toilet paper, but it shows that the raw materials used are poor, and try not to choose such products.

3、Look at absorbency

Can drop water on the paper tissue to see how the absorption rate is, the faster the speed of water absorption, the better.

4、Look at water solubility

Tear off a part of the paper tissue, hang it on the coffee spoon and immerse it in water. After 10 seconds, remove it. Pull down the paper tissue with your left hand to test the strength of the paper tissue after wet water.

Good paper tissue have high density and toughness, and will not be deformed and loose even if soaked in water; And poor quality paper tissue soaked in water, it is easy to loose open.

5、CD Tensile Stength

It is how tough the paper is and whether it is easy to break when used. Pure wood pulp paper because of the long fiber, so the tension is large, toughness is good, not easy to break. Pull the paper towel a little harder, the good paper towel will be pulled wrinkles appear, but will not break. And bad paper towels due to the low content of wood pulp, poor flexibility, a little force will appear fracture phenomenon.


This is an important indicator of toilet paper products, good toilet paper should give people a soft and comfortable feeling. The main reasons that affect the softness of toilet paper are fiber raw materials and wrinkling process. Generally speaking, cotton pulp is better than wood pulp, wood pulp is better than wheatgrass pulp, and toilet paper with excessive softness feels rough to use.

7、Observe combustion

Normal qualified paper tissue are naturally gray after burning, and the paper with excessive fluorescence agent or gum is white or black after burning with fire.

If it is a paper tissue made of pure wood pulp, it should be able to burn completely, if the paper tissue is not clean, then it is likely to add some other things, such as waste paper (waste paper originally has chemical substances). So easy to burn paper tissue will be better in quality.

Generally, the burning of good paper tissue will release light smoke like the burning of wood. If the burning has a pungent smoke smell or black smoke, it is the addition of organic matter. However, the 11 samples in our experiment all emit white smoke, so the raw materials are still relatively good.

If organic matter is added to the paper tissue, then the burned paper ash is easy to stick to a piece, and if the paper tissue is made of pure wood pulp, the paper ash is relatively clean and not sticky.


Popular point is how much dust on the paper. If the raw material is virgin wood pulp, the dust level is no problem. However, if recycled paper is used as raw material, and the process is not appropriate, the dust level is difficult to meet the standard. Then the ash after burning is easy to stick to a piece, and if it is a paper towel made of pure wood pulp, the ash is relatively clean and not sticky.


The hole index is the limit on the number of holes on the wrinkle toilet paper, the hole will have an impact on the use of paper, too many holes of the wrinkle toilet paper is not only poor appearance, but also easy to damage in use, affecting the wiping effect.


What is “Lotion tissue”,Why expensive?

The biggest advantage of the lotion tissue is that moisturizing cream ingredients are added to the paper, making the softness of the paper greatly improved.It not only has little stimulation to sensitive skin, but also has the effect of moisturizing. In addition, the production of the paper itself also pays great attention to softness, giving lotion tissue a completely different experience than ordinary paper. Lotion tissue is great for rubbing skin, but not for other uses such as stains.

Usually, glycerin is added to the lotion tissue, glycerin is very hygroscopic, even in a relatively low humidity environment, anhydrous glycerin will still absorb moisture in the air until it reaches a balance with the relative humidity in the air. At the same time, the lotion tissue can dissolve in water and other solvents, and the water absorption of the paper itself will not be affected. If you lick the lotion tissue with your tongue, you will feel a slight sweetness, which is the taste of glycerin.

At present, the lotion tissue that can be seen in the domestic market include Nipiao, Jie soft, unifree, Kexin soft and other brands, and the majority of foreign countries are Japan and South Korea, and most of the products produced in Japan are Dawang paper, Prince paper, and Japanese paper, and there are some smaller manufacturers.  There are also many new brands to join the lotion tissue industry, because the use experience brought by lotion tissue is completely different from ordinary paper.

What is ultra facial cream?

Cream is a description of the state of matter, like we usually say that water is liquid, soil is solid and so on. The counterpart to cream is lotion, which is similar to a state of water but thicker than water, and cream is more viscous than lotion, such as common facial cleansers and moisturizers. A state thicker than cream is called colloidal or colloidal, similar to a semi-solid, and then a solid.

Creams are commonly found in care products and cosmetics, and their main ingredients vary greatly depending on their function.  The use of creams on household paper can also be divided into a variety of categories, such as creams that focus on moisturizing function, creams that focus on smooth series, and functional creams that can play a certain degree of skin care.  But no matter how it’s classified, its basic ingredients haven’t changed much.

In order to improve the added value of paper and product competitiveness, some cream ingredients are also added with squalane, deep-sea sweet oil, aloe vera and other ingredients, which are usually expensive and contain very little in the cream ingredients.

Cream ingredients suitable for household paper composite should follow the following points:

  1. Contains the right amount of moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizing ingredients are used to increase the softness and skin feeling of the paper, but it should be noted that excessive moisturizing ingredients may cause a decrease in the strength and thickness of the paper, which will cause trouble for subsequent production.
  2. Contains a moderate amount of softener.  The softener referred to here mostly contains silicon components, and the softener can give the paper a soft and smooth performance, making the user feel silky.
  3. Contains a moderate amount of fixative. The fixative can well position the cream ingredients on the surface of the paper without penetrating into the inside of the paper, which can reduce the impact of the cream on the physical properties of the paper, and ensure that the cream is effectively transferred to the user’s use site during the use of the user, so as to achieve its due role.
  4. Surfactant. Surfactants can effectively blend the different ingredients in the cream, so that the cream ingredients can form a stable mixture.
  5. Emulsifier. Depending on the composition of the cream, some cream ingredients may need to be emulsified to form a more stable emulsion for production.
  6. Corrosion protection system. Since most of the ingredients in the cream are organic, and most of the cream is moisturizing, the cream household paper is very easy to produce bacteria and mold, and the addition of food-grade anti-corrosion system can effectively avoid this.

    How is the cream applied to the paper?

    The cream is applied to the surface of the paper using a special device called a Lotion Applicator. Commonly used Lotion Applicator has spray type compounding machine, roll type compounding machine, spray type compounding machine, extrusion type compounding machine and so on. The composite process can be double-sided composite or single-sided composite, depending on the needs of the product. Spray compounding machine is relatively simple, using high pressure to low viscosity and low consistency of the cream (applied to such equipment cream can be called emulsion) through the nozzle atomized compound to the surface of the paper. The principle of the roller compounding machine is similar to that of the sizing machine, which transfers the cream (or emulsion) to the surface of a roll by two-roll extrusion, and then compacts the cream (or emulsion) to the surface of the paper by roller extrusion. Spray compounding usually uses a high-speed rotating turntable to atomize (cream or emulsion) onto the surface of the paper. The principle of extruded composite machine is similar to that of coated paper coater. The choice of the compounding machine is determined according to the quality requirements of the product and the physical properties of the cream.

    What can lotion tissue give us?

    The lotion tissue gives the paper a softness and smoothness far beyond ordinary paper, and has a certain moisturizing function, and some products also have skin care function.  As far as the feeling is concerned, the cream paper is silky and dry like silk, and the soft feeling like cotton can undoubtedly bring more comfort to users.  From the user’s own point of view, skin allergy patients, rhinitis patients, cold patients, as well as infants and new mothers choose this type of paper is undoubtedly the best choice.

Invitation Letter for Hongkong Fair

Dear Friends,


We would like to invite you to attend our upcoming exhibition,


Name: Hong Kong Fashion InStyle 2023

Place: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Time: Apr.19-22,2023

Booth number: 5B-E46


This exhibition we will display

Toilet paper,

Kitchen paper towel,


Facial tissue,

Pocket tissue,

Jumbo roll,

Coffee filter,

Napkin machine,

and other special products.


We would love to have you join us. This is a great opportunity for your find new products and find some new suppliers for your business. And we are sure that you won’t want to miss it.

We looking forward to seeing you there!

Foshan Doocity Environmental Protection Material Co.,Ltd

Coffee filter

When we make coffee, why do we put it through a coffee filter? What exactly does it do?

Many people like to drink coffee, even brew coffee.When we brew it. If have been watching carefully. Or really understand.You know that many people use coffee filter.Do you know what the filter paper does in brewed coffee?Or would it make it make a difference if coffee was brewed without a filter?

In general coffee filter appear in a hand-brewed coffee maker.Many coffee filters are disposable, and coffee filter are very important for the “ cleanliness” of a cup of coffee.

In the 19th century, there was no real “coffee filter” in the coffee industry. At that time, people drank coffee by adding coffee powder directly into the water, boiling it, and then filtering the coffee grounds. Generally, “metal filter” and “cloth filter” were used as the main method.

But at that time, the technology was not so exquisite. There would always be a thick layer of fine coffee powder at the bottom of the filtered coffee liquid, which would lead to more bitter coffee on the one hand, because the coffee powder at the bottom would slowly release more bitter substances in the coffee liquid. On the other hand, many people at the bottom of the coffee don’t drink it, but just throw it away, resulting in waste.

Later, when coffee was brewed with a filter paper, not only did no residue leak, but the water flowed at the desired speed, neither too slowly nor too fast, affecting the quality of the coffee flavor.

The vast majority of filter paper is disposable, the material is very thin, even after drying it is difficult to use the second time. Of course, there are also some filter paper is used repeatedly, after boiling, you can take out the use of hot water to rinse several times, you can use again.

As a result, when brewing coffee, the filter paper will make the coffee taste stronger and cleaner. In brewing coffee, the role of filter paper can not be replaced, its main role is to prevent coffee powder from falling into the pot, so that the brewed coffee without grounds, so that the coffee flavor can be more clean, no impurities

Coffee filter

Generally coffee filter used to drip coffee, to filter the ground coffee beans and coffee powder and extract the coffee liquid into the cup.Coffee filter also can filter the oil of thwe coffee and get a clean coffee solution. Good filter paper can filter the impurities, and the coffee tastes more mellow and has a more obvious aroma.

Advantages: high convenience, use out immediately lost; Out of the taste is relatively clean; Less impurity and impurity.

Disadvantages: less environmentally friendly use of paper; Unbleached paper will smell like paper; The oil will filter out, resulting in a grease-free taste.


Metal filter

The metal coffee filter allows the fat to be extracted (but not as rich as the concentrate, just some of the thin fat is retained), and the taste is thicker and closer to the original flavor of the beans, which in blind tests was also different from the filter paper. We commonly use metal strainer on the French press pot

Advantages: more environmental protection, through washing and reuse, more can drink the original flavor of coffee, thick taste, save less environmental protection filter paper as long as after use clean and reusable, made of stainless steel is durable and strong.

Disadvantages: Fine powder is easy to cause excessive extraction resulting in excessive bitterness, fine powder will pass through the filter into the coffee, the taste may be slag

Love coffee,

It is elegant life way.

Because love coffee, let us get together.

Different type coffee cup have big different flow rate lead the final coffee flavor, coffee cup affect the flow rate mainly reason because of the hole under the filter and the distribution of the ribs above the filter. For exampl fan-shaped and bowl type,the drip diameter at the bottom of the cup is small and the flow rate is slow.

Coffee filter have bleach and unbleached:

The quality of the filter paper is important to keep the coffee ware clean and the filter flow rate good. Besides, be sure to choose a filter paper suitable for the size of the cup, and pay attention to the thickness and density – too thin and thin filter paper will make the water flow too fast, while too thick or too dense filter paper will filter out more coffee oil.

In use, how do we remove the smell of paper from filter paper?

Ways as below:

  1. Put the coffee filter into the coffee machine
  2. Put the hot water to wet the paper(Please make sure all paper place is wet)
  3. Pour away the hot water, do not use it to boil.
  4. If necessary wet again.
  5. Start brew coffee

Why to use “bamboo instead of plastic”?

Why to“instead of plastic”?

“Instead of plastic” initiative is based on the growing problem of plastic pollution that threat human health. According to the assessment report by the United nations Environment Programme. Of the 9.2 billion plastic products produced in the world. About 7 billion tons become plastic waste, which not only causes serious harm to Marine and terrestrial ecosystems, endangers human health, but also aggravates global climate change.

Reducing plastic pollution is urgent. More than 140 countries around the world have specific policies to ban plastic products to plastic products. As a green, low-carbon,biodegradable biomass material,bamboo had great potential in this field.

Why used bamboo?

Bamboo is a precious treasure given by nature to human beings. Bamboo plants grow fast, rich resources,low carbon, renewable,recyclable quality materials.Especially with the development of science and technology,the application of bamboo is constantly expanding,can widely replace plastic products. It has significant ecological,economic and social benefits.

China is a country with the most abundant bamboo resources, the longest production history of bamboo products and deepest bamboo culture. According to the data released by the “Three Tunes” of China’s national territory, there are more than 7 million hectares of bamboo forests in China, and the bamboo industry spans the primary,secondary and tertiary industries, including more than 10 categories of bamboo building materials,bamboo daily necessities,bamboo crafts and more. It is proposed in the Opinions on accelerating the innovation and development of the bamboo industry jontly issused by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the National development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and ten other departments that the total output value of the bamboo industry in China will exceed 1 trillion RMB by 2035.

Bamboo forest carbon sequestration capacity is far more than that of ordinary forest.

Bamboo forest carbon sequestration capacity is 1.46 times that of Chinese fir.

1.33 times the tropical rain forest.

China’s bamboo forests can reduce carbon sequestration by 3.02 million tons per year.

If global each year used 6 billon ton bamboo,instead of PVC products, about will be reduce 40 million ton CO2.

Bamboo can be replace what plastic?

  1. Bamboo winding pipe
  2. Bamboo package
  3. Bamboo lattice stuffing
  4. Bamboo woven grille
  5. Daily bamboo products

Nowadays,bamboo plastic products are more and more common around us. From Disposable bamboo tableware,automobile interior decoration,electronic product shell, sports equipment to product packaging,protective equipment,etc,bamboo products are used in a variety of applications,using bamboo instead of plastic is not only limited to the existing technology and products, it has a broader prospect and unlimited potential waiting to be explored.


China Bamboo Virgin Pulp Potential and Development

Bamboo fibercontent is high.fiber shape is long,mechanical proterties and plasticity are good.Bamboo as good substitute for wood raw materials.It can be meet the pulp requirements of medium and high grape paper.Research show that,bamboo chemical composition and fiber properties have good pulping properties.bamboo pulp properties second only to coniferous wood pulp,better than broadleaf wood pulp and grass pulp.It’s great significance to develop bamboo pulping and paper making industry,in order to remit the shortage of wood pulp.

Bamboo growing very fast. Orinary 3-4 years can be grow up.And bamboo forest have strong carbon effect,make the bamboo economic benefits,environmental benefits and social benefits are increaseingly prominent. Currenty China bamboo pulp production technology and machine have gradually matured,plane,grinding and other host equipment has realized domestic production.Large and medium-sized bamboo paper production lines have been industrialozed in Guizhou,Sichuan and other place.

Bamboo pulp paper chemical character

As for biomass materials, bamboo have cellulose,hemicellelose,lignin 3 chemical compenent, In addition have a small of pectin,starch,polysaccharide and wax.Through analyzing the chemical composition and characteristics, can be understand bamboo as paper making materials merits and demerits.

1.Bamboo have higher cellulose

Superior finished paper has higher requirements on pulp raw materials. Require collelose content more higher more better. Lignin,polysaccharide and other extracts more lower more better.

2.Bamboo fiber is long, long diamter is laege

The average length of bamboo fiber is 1.49~2.28mm,the average diameter is 12.24~17.32 μm, long diameter ratio as 122~165. The average fiber wall thickness 3.90~5.25 μm. The wall to cavity is 4.20~7.50. They are belong thick-walled fibers with large length and diameter.Paper pulp materials mainly on cellulose of biomass materials for paper making require high cellulose content and low lignin content, which can not only improve pulp yield. But also reduce ash and extract. Bamboo materials have long firber,long diameter etc characteristic.Made bamboo pulp into paper after the unit area of fiber interweaving more times,paper strength is better. Therefore,bamboo pulp performance is close to wood.stronger than straw.Wheat straw.bagasse and other gramineous plants.

3.Bamboo fiber with high fiber strength

Bamboo cellulose not only has renewable,degradable,good biocompatibility,strong hydrophilicity,excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance etc charactistics.Some scholars conducted tensile test on 12 kinds of bamboo fibers and found that their elastic modulus and tensile strength were both higher than thoseof wood fibers from artificial fast-growing forests.The results show that the tensile modulus and strength of moso bamboo fibers were higher than those of the other three fibers.

4.Bamboo ash and extract content is higher

Compared with wood, the content of ash(about 1.0%) and 1% NAOH extract(about 30.0%) in bamboo higher. Which will produce more impurtities in the pulpling process,which is not conducive to the sewage and wastewater treatment of pulp and paper industry. And will increase machine investment cost.


Bamboo pulp papermaking technology

Since bamboo successfully realized industrial development and utilization,there have been many new technology,new processes,new products of bamboo processing. Thus make the bamboo improving the utilization value.The development of mechanized pulping technology in China has broken through the traditional manual modeand is tranforming to industrialization and industrial production mode. At present. Popular bamboo pulp production technology includes mechanical method.chemical method and chemical mechanical method. China bamboo pulp was mainly processed by chemical method,about have 70%. Chemical mechanical method is less, less than 30%. The production of bamboo pulp by mechanical method is limited to the experimental stage and no large-scale industrialization has reported.

1.Mechanical pulping way

Mechanical pulping is the mechanical grinding of bamboo into fiber,without adding chemical agents, this way advantages of low pollution, high pulp yield,simple process and so on. Under the situation of pollution control and shortage of wood pulp has been paid more and more attention.

Although mechanical pulping method has the advantage of high pulping yeild and low pollution.it is widely used in the pulp and paper industry of coniferous wood such as picea,but due to the high content of lignin, ash and 1% Naoh extract in the chemical composition of bamboo,the pulp quality is poor, and it is difficult to meet the quality requirements of commercical paper.The industrial application is rarely seen,mostly in the stafe of scientific research and technical exploration.

2.Chemical pulp process

Chemical pulpping is bamboo pulp made by sulfate or sulfite process.Bamboo pulp was prepared by screening,washing,dehydration,cooking,causticization,filtration,countercurrent washing,closed screening,oxygen delignfication,bleaching and other process.The cheminal pulping processes can protect the fiber and improve the pulp yield. Obtain the pulp with good quality,clean and soft,easy to bleach,can be used to produce high-grade writing paper and printing paper.

Due to the removal of a large amount of lignin,ash and various extracts in the process of chemical pulping, the pulping yield of bamboo is low,generally 45%-55%.

3. Chemical mechanical pulping process

Chemical machanical pulping based on bamboo pulp for raw materials,which combine chemical pulping process and mechanical pulping process some characteristic as bamboo raw material way. Chemical pulping process include semi-chemical method,chemical machanical method and chemical thermal grinding machine method.

For bamboo pulping and paper making,, the pulping yield of chemical mechanical pulping,generally arrived to 72%-75%.Chemical mechanical pulping method this way produce pulping quality higher than mechanical pulping method. Can be satifies normal products production requirement. At the same time,the cost of alkali recovery and sewage treatment is also between chemical pulping and mechanical pulping.

Bamboo pulp paper equipment

The molding section equipment of bamboo pulp and papermaking production line is basically the same as that of wood pulp production line. The biggest difference of bamboo pulp and papermaking equipment lies in the section for preparing materials such as slicing,washing and cooking.

Because bamboo has a hollow structure,slicing equipment is different from wood. Commonly used bamboo slicing equipment mainly includes roller-type bamboo cutting machine,disk-type bamboo cutting machine and drum chipper. Roller type bamboo cutter and disk type bamboo cutter have higher working efficiency, but the quality of bamboo chips processed(bamboo shape) is not as good as that of drum type chipper. Users can be choose the appropriate slicing equipment according to the use of bamboo pulp and production cost. For small and medium-sized bamboo pulp mills(Capacity<10 ton).Domestic bamboo slicing equipment can meet the needs of production; For large bamboo pulp factory(Capacity≥10tons), Can be choose international advanced large slicing equipment can be used.

Bamboo washing equipment is used to remove impurities, and a variety of patented products have been reported in China. Generally,vacuum pulp washing machine,pressure pulp washing machine and belt type washing machine used. Medium and large enterprises can use new two-roll replacement pressing pulp washing machine or strong dehydration pulp washing machine.

Bamboo slice cooking equipment is used for bamboo slice softening and chemical separation. Small and medium-sized enterprises use vertical digester or horizontal tube continuous digester. Large enterprises can use Camille continuous digester with diffusion washing to improce production efficiency,pulp yield will be improved correspondingly,but it will increase one-time investment cost.

The potential and development direction of bamboo pulp paper in China

1.Bamboo pulp paper has great potential

According to investigation of bamboo resources in China and analysis of the applicability of bamboo itself in papermaking,strongly support develop bamboo pulping industry. Not only can remit the Chinese paper industry wood material shortage.It is also an effective way to change the raw material structure of paper industry,can reduce the dependence on imported wood chips.Some famous scholars have analyzed that the production cost per unit mass of bamboo pulp is about 30% lower than that of pine,spruce,eucalyptus,etc., and the quality of bamboo pulp similar wood pulp.

2. Forest paper integration is an important development direction

Due to the advantages of rapid growth and reproduction of bamboo, strengthening the cultivation of special bamboo forest and establishing bamboo pulp production base integrating forest and paper will become a direction for the sustainable development of China’s pulp and paper industry, reducing the dependence on wood chips and pulp imports, and developing national industry.

3.Tufted bamboo pulping has great development potential

In the current bamboo processing industry, more than 90% of bamboo (nanbamboo) as raw materials, mainly used in the production of household goods and structural materials products. And bamboo pulp paper is basically to bamboo (nanbamboo), bamboo as the main raw materials, forming a raw material competition situation, is not conducive to the sustainable development of the industry. Bamboo pulp and paper industry on the basis of the existing raw materials bamboo, should vigorously develop a variety of bamboo raw materials utilization, make full use of the low price of bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo bamboo pulp and paper, improve the vitality of market competition.



Three seconds dissolution toilet paper,international standard-High standard environmental protection into the international market.

In Europe,America and Japan and other developed countries in the family. Toilets are almost without paper baskets or trash in the home.The whole bathroom is very neat and clear,three seconds dissolution toilet paper concept deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Doocity three seconds dissolution toilet paper produced based on the production standards of Europe,the United States,Japan and South Korea. The formula is more scientific and more environmentally friendlly. So that when you touch the paper feels better and dissolves faster.


Doocity is a global advocate of sanitary and environmentally friendlly paper. Healthy living paper professinal. And a practitioner and leader of China’s consumption upgrade products.


Doocity adhere to the spirit of “environmental protection, integrity,hard work,innovation,dedication”,to”three seconds,change,beautiful,life” as the mission. Through continuous innovation and quality products and services. To become the international top living products enterprise as the goal.

In the future,doocity will use better quality and cost-effective environmental products,and better service quality,continue to provide customers and users with more diversified product choices, for the future development of the paper industry to create brilliant.


What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels?

Normal life, need to use kitchen paper towel clean oil stains. What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels?

  1. Clean and hygienic

Kitchen paper towel is a disposable tissue that avoids bacteria that can build up over time, and it’s on par with rags when it comes to removing stains.

  1. Water stain removal

Because the absorbent capacity of kitchen paper is very strong, just wipe the second time with kitchen paper water stains will be gone. And the kitchen paper is not as easy to break as the general paper towels, you can wipe where you want to wipe where, will not drop slag.

  1. Strong water absorption

Kitchen paper towel is very absorbent, the most obvious thing in use is to absorb water from food. No matter what kind of food uses kitchen paper to absorb water, we can clearly see that its absorption effect is very good, and absorption speed is also very fast. Put the water into the pot, so there will be no oil spatter.

  1. Strong oil absorption

In addition to water absorption, it also absorbs oil well. You can use it to suck the excess oil out of the frying pan so that we can eat it healthier. And the requirements of the kitchen paper is very strict, is not to add fluorescent agents, so you can rest assured that it and food contact. In addition, it can also be used to wipe the tableware with oil stains, wiped tableware will be very convenient to clean.

What is difference between 2 ply and 3 ply facial tissue?

  1. Facial tissue thickness different. Same facial tissue.3 ply more thickness than 2 ply.
  2. Facial tissue different. Same facial tissue, For one pages, 3 ply one sheet price higher than 2 ply.
  3. The number of use varies. Facial tissue have same sheet quantity. The corresponding 2ply,3ply paper.The number of different. Now many factory like to mark sheet quantity.Most of time it will confusion 2ply and 3 ply. For example 450 sheets,2 ply facial tissue. That is 225 times take out. If each time use 1 sheet. Can use 225 times. 3 ply facial tissue, that is 150 times take out. If each time use 1 sheet,only can use 150 times.
  4. It’s used in different situations. Same paper, 2 ply facial tissue more thin.It will naturally be permeable some. If used for water, 3 ply facial tissue more better. If just wipe a little ash. 2 ply facial tissue enough to be competent.

The difference between different facial tissue:

一.Raw material

In fact, the choice of raw materials directly affects the quality and comfort of the facial tissue. Many people do not pay attention to the main ingredients on the facial tissue packaging when choosing. Many mark 100% wood pulp. Every one feel very good.

In fact,if take regular facial tissue, it mark 100% native wood pulp,although there are only two words different. But the raw materials themselves are thousands of miles apart. No matter health or end production will have big difference.  So we should look carefully.

二.Sheet quantity

About sheet quantity that is each bag of paper total number of times. Most of factory wil be mark sheet quantity on the bag.But we also vigilant at this time, the so-called sheet quantity is the number of pieces of paper will be take out.rather than the number of pieces of paper. Generally there are two pieces of paper will be take out. But the small factory want to reduce the cost,will take out a paper one time.

三: Quality

In fact,facial tissue quality mainly from the feeling,toughness,water absorption,safety and health and other aspects to consider,in general. to confirm these characteristics need to purchase back to use. So in order for health of choose a regural brand of paper.

Needless to say, the size of the facial tissue, there are long bag and short bag of 18*18cm,18*13cm, Different sheet quantity, have 120 sheets,180 sheets, the price will be different, 1 sheet with 2 ply,3 ply, most of them have 2 ply,most of paper is the original wood pulp,bamboo pulp. The original ecological things are better.

Toilet paper in our life is an essential daily necessities, is also the most often used things, Toilet paper have roll paper and facial tissue, generally household is roll paper,facial tissue for working use, Now many brand for toilet paper, but quality varies. So how to choose high quality facial tissue? Today. I will tell you how to pick out good quality facial tissue when choosing it.

Now regular qualified factory produce the facial tissue, in the package will be mark the detail clearly,such as production date.main materials used etc. Generally, the master package also have executive standard number. This number is GT/T2008. Warranty time 3 years. And facial tissue have different grades, among the best product quality is best. Qualified products are second. So when we buy the facial tissue, we can according this to choose quality.

  • Look at production raw materials

Many facial tissue production raw materials are different. Because many raw material can make facial tissue. But all the paper on the market today. Wood pulp and bamboo pulp are the best quality. Because those paper used pure wood or bamboo to do it. So the quality is best. Safety.It’s made directly from plants.without checmically processed. It’s very flexible,smooth and feels good to use. Therefore, when we choose the facial tissue, it’s best to choose the toilet paper with wood pulp or bamboo as raw materials, so the quality of the facial tissue is the best.

Best quality facial tissue have more virgin wood pulp. Because virgin wood paper pulp is very softy. So when we tough the facial tissue, can be feel whether it is very smooth and comfortable.The bad quality facial tissue, tought it feel very bad and hard. Easy to scraps of paper. If we feel that the facial tissue has a very obvious sense of granularity, then we must pay attention to. Do not buy such paper. It will affect our health.

Because good quality toilet paper, must be used virgin wood paper pulp or bamboo pulp manufacturer it. So this type toilet paper toughness very good. Touch it very bouncy. If we pull hard, it shouldn’t break easily. Good toilet paper, when we pull hard, only pull a little fold. It doesn’t break. And those poor quality toilet paper, when we pull it, it will be veryfragile, easy to tear.

We maybe think that products more white more cleaner. Because white color looks cleaning. So we think the white paper more better.But the truth is not so. On the contraty, a lot of special white paper, some factory in order let the paper more white, add more whitening agent into it. So it will appear very white and clean. Our country has a regulation on the whiteness of paper, the whiteness is up to 90%, if the whiteness exceeds this figure. It will not meet the requirement. If you use this paper for a long time, will get some skin diseases and even cancer. So we must correct this idea, the whiter is not the better.

Normal, healthy paper is usually like ivory white. It is a natural white. So when we select paper, must pay attention to above aspects. For family and own health, do not ignore these problems.

Do you pick the right tissue? Here have a few tips teach you how to choose?

Every family have tissue.

But do you select right?

Napkin and toilet roll have big different.

If mixed that is trouble.

Small tissue have big knowledge.

Different tissue,different use

In life,we usually see facial tissue,toilet paper,wet tissue,kitchen paper towel etc. Each type purpose are different. They can’t replace each other.

Facial tissue

Paper special for face

Facial tissue,napkin special for clean the face,softness and close the skin. Highest hygiene requirement, use for clean the mouth,face more safe.

Besides, Facial tissue put into water have good toughness,not easy broken and without scraps remain on the face.

Toilet paper

Paper special for toilet

Toilet paper has moderate softness and mainly used when going to the toilet.

Qualified toilet paper is not harmful to the human body. Although the standard of hygiene is not as high as facial tissue, but the price is cheaper.

Attention: Some friends are particularly exquisite, use facial tissue instead of toilet paper, this is wrong way. Facial tissue with good tough. It is easy clogs the toilet and takes time and effort to clean up. So it’s best not to replace each other.

Wet wipes

Sterilization special paper

Wipes paper contains some bactericidal components. When it is not convenient to wash hands outside. Wipes paper can effectively clean and sterilize.

Note: The wipes should not used for face. The face skin is fragile, and the bactericidal ingredients are easy to cause itching and redness.

Kitchen paper

Special cleaning paper

Kitchen paper have good water absorption and oil absorption. Have big sheet and thickness. Suit for clean kitchen appliance,glass window,mirror,desk etc. It is worthy of the name clean small expert.

In addition to household cleaning. Kitchen paper also cleans food and absorbs moisture and grease from the surface of the food before cooking,making it fresher and cleaner.

How to choose a tissue?

One: Pick the right not pick cheap.

Paper towel are one of the most commonly used daily necessities, when you buy them, you should choose the one meet your needs and try to choose a reliable brand.

Same kind of paper towels have big different. Please don’t choose cheap tissue, Easy have big loss and problems.

For example, two tissues with the same packaging, one at a discount, the other at the original price, which would you prefer? I believe that most people will choose the discounted goods. A careful comparison of two packs of paper towels can be found in the corner of the package: one is rated as qualified, the other as first-class.

Note: In fact, there are three levels of facial tissue: excellent, first-class and qualified. They differ in softness, water absorption and toughness, with superior being the best, first-class being the second, and qualified being the worst.

Two: look at the product details at the bottom of the package.

Paper towel packaging at the bottom of the general product details, pay attention to the elimination size, product raw materials. The name of elimination approval is issued by the health administration department at the provincial level or above to be a regular product, and the original wood pulp is the best in the raw material of the product.

Tree: Touches

Good paper towels feel soft and delicate, gently knead won’t lose hair, powder. Don’t buy loose, powdered paper towels, no matter how cheap.

More than toughness, hold a native wood pulp paper towel, a little hard pull, paper towel will be pulled wrinkles appear, but will not break. And bad paper towels due to low wood pulp content, poor flexibility, a little force will appear fracture phenomenon.

Four: Smell the taste

Smell the paper when you buy it. If there is a chemical smell, the bleach content is high, and it is best not to buy it. When facial tissue is purchased, do not buy to have fragrance as far as possible,so as not to wipe the mouth essence remains on the lips, eat accidentally in the stomach.

This way use paper more safe

A variety of paper is kept at home

Some people if meet the supermarket have discount will be bring many tissue paper go back home. Go to toilet,clean face also use it.It’s not very scientific. The function of all kinds of paper had better not replace each other, put for a long time the paper is not clean.

Toilet paper ,napkin used more, can be have some stock.Kitchen paper towel and wet tissue use a little, 1-2 months buy one time is enough.

It will be used up within one month

Paper hygiene must pay attention, when buying do not buy bulk paper tissue. After opening the paper tissue had better be used up within one month. Toilet paper and napkin should be placed in tissue boxes to reduce contact with the air and prevant moisture from breeding bacteria.

Wet wipes can not replace hand washing

Used the wet wipes also need to hand washing. The liquid content of wipes is generally 80%. The main ingredients are water and bactercidal medicine. In order to make the bactericidal medicine solution effectively dissolve in water for a long time. Some Chemical agents will be added to the wipes paper. While these chemicals do not seriously affect the skin, they can linger on the hands. Therefore, the best disinfection method is to wash hands with soap and rinsed under running water.