What is “Lotion tissue”,Why expensive?

The biggest advantage of the lotion tissue is that moisturizing cream ingredients are added to the paper, making the softness of the paper greatly improved.It not only has little stimulation to sensitive skin, but also has the effect of moisturizing. In addition, the production of the paper itself also pays great attention to softness, giving lotion tissue a completely different experience than ordinary paper. Lotion tissue is great for rubbing skin, but not for other uses such as stains.

Usually, glycerin is added to the lotion tissue, glycerin is very hygroscopic, even in a relatively low humidity environment, anhydrous glycerin will still absorb moisture in the air until it reaches a balance with the relative humidity in the air. At the same time, the lotion tissue can dissolve in water and other solvents, and the water absorption of the paper itself will not be affected. If you lick the lotion tissue with your tongue, you will feel a slight sweetness, which is the taste of glycerin.

At present, the lotion tissue that can be seen in the domestic market include Nipiao, Jie soft, unifree, Kexin soft and other brands, and the majority of foreign countries are Japan and South Korea, and most of the products produced in Japan are Dawang paper, Prince paper, and Japanese paper, and there are some smaller manufacturers.  There are also many new brands to join the lotion tissue industry, because the use experience brought by lotion tissue is completely different from ordinary paper.

What is ultra facial cream?

Cream is a description of the state of matter, like we usually say that water is liquid, soil is solid and so on. The counterpart to cream is lotion, which is similar to a state of water but thicker than water, and cream is more viscous than lotion, such as common facial cleansers and moisturizers. A state thicker than cream is called colloidal or colloidal, similar to a semi-solid, and then a solid.

Creams are commonly found in care products and cosmetics, and their main ingredients vary greatly depending on their function.  The use of creams on household paper can also be divided into a variety of categories, such as creams that focus on moisturizing function, creams that focus on smooth series, and functional creams that can play a certain degree of skin care.  But no matter how it’s classified, its basic ingredients haven’t changed much.

In order to improve the added value of paper and product competitiveness, some cream ingredients are also added with squalane, deep-sea sweet oil, aloe vera and other ingredients, which are usually expensive and contain very little in the cream ingredients.

Cream ingredients suitable for household paper composite should follow the following points:

  1. Contains the right amount of moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizing ingredients are used to increase the softness and skin feeling of the paper, but it should be noted that excessive moisturizing ingredients may cause a decrease in the strength and thickness of the paper, which will cause trouble for subsequent production.
  2. Contains a moderate amount of softener.  The softener referred to here mostly contains silicon components, and the softener can give the paper a soft and smooth performance, making the user feel silky.
  3. Contains a moderate amount of fixative. The fixative can well position the cream ingredients on the surface of the paper without penetrating into the inside of the paper, which can reduce the impact of the cream on the physical properties of the paper, and ensure that the cream is effectively transferred to the user’s use site during the use of the user, so as to achieve its due role.
  4. Surfactant. Surfactants can effectively blend the different ingredients in the cream, so that the cream ingredients can form a stable mixture.
  5. Emulsifier. Depending on the composition of the cream, some cream ingredients may need to be emulsified to form a more stable emulsion for production.
  6. Corrosion protection system. Since most of the ingredients in the cream are organic, and most of the cream is moisturizing, the cream household paper is very easy to produce bacteria and mold, and the addition of food-grade anti-corrosion system can effectively avoid this.

    How is the cream applied to the paper?

    The cream is applied to the surface of the paper using a special device called a Lotion Applicator. Commonly used Lotion Applicator has spray type compounding machine, roll type compounding machine, spray type compounding machine, extrusion type compounding machine and so on. The composite process can be double-sided composite or single-sided composite, depending on the needs of the product. Spray compounding machine is relatively simple, using high pressure to low viscosity and low consistency of the cream (applied to such equipment cream can be called emulsion) through the nozzle atomized compound to the surface of the paper. The principle of the roller compounding machine is similar to that of the sizing machine, which transfers the cream (or emulsion) to the surface of a roll by two-roll extrusion, and then compacts the cream (or emulsion) to the surface of the paper by roller extrusion. Spray compounding usually uses a high-speed rotating turntable to atomize (cream or emulsion) onto the surface of the paper. The principle of extruded composite machine is similar to that of coated paper coater. The choice of the compounding machine is determined according to the quality requirements of the product and the physical properties of the cream.

    What can lotion tissue give us?

    The lotion tissue gives the paper a softness and smoothness far beyond ordinary paper, and has a certain moisturizing function, and some products also have skin care function.  As far as the feeling is concerned, the cream paper is silky and dry like silk, and the soft feeling like cotton can undoubtedly bring more comfort to users.  From the user’s own point of view, skin allergy patients, rhinitis patients, cold patients, as well as infants and new mothers choose this type of paper is undoubtedly the best choice.