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A New Choice for Comfort and Sustainability of Bamboo Pulp Facial Tissues

As environmental awareness increases, more people are paying attention to whether the products they use daily are eco-friendly. One new eco-friendly option in our daily lives is bamboo pulp facial tissues. Today, let’s learn about this innovative and sustainable product.   What Are Bamboo Pulp Facial Tissues?   Bamboo pulp facial tissues are made from […]

“Toxic paper tissue”being exposed, garbage and waste also made into tissue! Have below characteristics, don’t use it after you buy them.Please learn to recognize tissues.

Paper tissue is our daily life necessity. Sometimes take one sheet whenever you need it. Very convenient. Because of the huge consumption. Lots of people stock up on cheap and affordable products. In China, many paper tissue sell RMB9.9(USD1.38) free shipping on line. Or RMB1.0 per second. Even get free advertisement paper tissue on the […]

What is “Lotion tissue”,Why expensive?

The biggest advantage of the lotion tissue is that moisturizing cream ingredients are added to the paper, making the softness of the paper greatly improved.It not only has little stimulation to sensitive skin, but also has the effect of moisturizing. In addition, the production of the paper itself also pays great attention to softness, giving […]

Invitation Letter for Hongkong Fair

Dear Friends,   We would like to invite you to attend our upcoming exhibition,   Name: Hong Kong Fashion InStyle 2023 Place: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Time: Apr.19-22,2023 Booth number: 5B-E46   This exhibition we will display Toilet paper, Kitchen paper towel, Napkin, Facial tissue, Pocket tissue, Jumbo roll, Coffee filter, Napkin machine, […]

Coffee filter

When we make coffee, why do we put it through a coffee filter? What exactly does it do? Many people like to drink coffee, even brew coffee.When we brew it. If have been watching carefully. Or really understand.You know that many people use coffee filter.Do you know what the filter paper does in brewed coffee?Or […]

Why to use “bamboo instead of plastic”?

Why to“instead of plastic”? “Instead of plastic” initiative is based on the growing problem of plastic pollution that threat human health. According to the assessment report by the United nations Environment Programme. Of the 9.2 billion plastic products produced in the world. About 7 billion tons become plastic waste, which not only causes serious harm to […]

China Bamboo Virgin Pulp Potential and Development

Bamboo fibercontent is high.fiber shape is long,mechanical proterties and plasticity are good.Bamboo as good substitute for wood raw materials.It can be meet the pulp requirements of medium and high grape paper.Research show that,bamboo chemical composition and fiber properties have good pulping properties.bamboo pulp properties second only to coniferous wood pulp,better than broadleaf wood pulp and […]

Three seconds dissolution toilet paper,international standard-High standard environmental protection into the international market.

In Europe,America and Japan and other developed countries in the family. Toilets are almost without paper baskets or trash in the home.The whole bathroom is very neat and clear,three seconds dissolution toilet paper concept deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Doocity three seconds dissolution toilet paper produced based on the production standards of Europe,the United States,Japan and South […]

What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels?

Normal life, need to use kitchen paper towel clean oil stains. What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels? Clean and hygienic Kitchen paper towel is a disposable tissue that avoids bacteria that can build up over time, and it’s on par with rags when it comes to removing stains. Water stain removal […]

What is difference between 2 ply and 3 ply facial tissue?

Facial tissue thickness different. Same facial tissue.3 ply more thickness than 2 ply. Facial tissue different. Same facial tissue, For one pages, 3 ply one sheet price higher than 2 ply. The number of use varies. Facial tissue have same sheet quantity. The corresponding 2ply,3ply paper.The number of different. Now many factory like to mark […]