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Three seconds dissolution toilet paper,international standard-High standard environmental protection into the international market.

In Europe,America and Japan and other developed countries in the family. Toilets are almost without paper baskets or trash in the home.The whole bathroom is very neat and clear,three seconds dissolution toilet paper concept deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Doocity three seconds dissolution toilet paper produced based on the production standards of Europe,the United States,Japan and South […]

What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels?

Normal life, need to use kitchen paper towel clean oil stains. What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels? Clean and hygienic Kitchen paper towel is a disposable tissue that avoids bacteria that can build up over time, and it’s on par with rags when it comes to removing stains. Water stain removal […]

What is difference between 2 ply and 3 ply facial tissue?

Facial tissue thickness different. Same facial tissue.3 ply more thickness than 2 ply. Facial tissue different. Same facial tissue, For one pages, 3 ply one sheet price higher than 2 ply. The number of use varies. Facial tissue have same sheet quantity. The corresponding 2ply,3ply paper.The number of different. Now many factory like to mark […]

Do you pick the right tissue? Here have a few tips teach you how to choose?

Every family have tissue. But do you select right? Napkin and toilet roll have big different. If mixed that is trouble. Small tissue have big knowledge. Different tissue,different use In life,we usually see facial tissue,toilet paper,wet tissue,kitchen paper towel etc. Each type purpose are different. They can’t replace each other. Facial tissue Paper special for […]

Do you know how to choose tissue paper for baby?

Talk about the children clean health, this is also a problems that many parents are concerned about. In addition to the children’s clean food and drink, the children’s clothes at ordinary times also need to be kept clean. Especially after eating, many parents are careful to wipe their children’s mouth or wipe the pot of […]


Chances are, when you’re flushing away your toilet paper you’re also flushing away part of a majestic old-growth tree. Toilet paper’s pervasiveness and low price belie a much, much higher cost: Our consumption of single-use tissue is taking a dramatic and irreversible toll on the Canadian boreal forest and our global climate. As NRDC and […]

Bamboo- the opportunities for forest and landscape restoration

A fresh look at bamboo’s potential in tackling restoration challenges and improving resilience to climate change. In forestry circles, bamboo is not always given the credit it deserves. And yet, with adequate attention, investment, and standards, bamboo could play a prominent role in forest and landscape restoration and become a major renewable and sustainable crop. […]


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant species is extremely. Traditionally the industrial use of bamboo has been in the paper and pulp industry. Application of modern technology and industrial processing has catapulted bamboo into a new global limelight. in the international market of bamboo is captured by china.  Bamboo has many advantages over […]

Bamboo Fiber Composition And Applications

Bamboo fiber is a cellulosic fiber that is regenerated from bamboo plant. It is a great prospective green fiber with outstanding biodegradable textile material, having strength comparable to conventional glass fibers. Bamboo used for fiber preparation is usually 3–4 years old. Fiber is produced through alkaline hydrolysis and multi-phase bleaching of bamboo stems and leaves […]