Why to use “bamboo instead of plastic”?

Why to“instead of plastic”?

“Instead of plastic” initiative is based on the growing problem of plastic pollution that threat human health. According to the assessment report by the United nations Environment Programme. Of the 9.2 billion plastic products produced in the world. About 7 billion tons become plastic waste, which not only causes serious harm to Marine and terrestrial ecosystems, endangers human health, but also aggravates global climate change.

Reducing plastic pollution is urgent. More than 140 countries around the world have specific policies to ban plastic products to plastic products. As a green, low-carbon,biodegradable biomass material,bamboo had great potential in this field.

Why used bamboo?

Bamboo is a precious treasure given by nature to human beings. Bamboo plants grow fast, rich resources,low carbon, renewable,recyclable quality materials.Especially with the development of science and technology,the application of bamboo is constantly expanding,can widely replace plastic products. It has significant ecological,economic and social benefits.

China is a country with the most abundant bamboo resources, the longest production history of bamboo products and deepest bamboo culture. According to the data released by the “Three Tunes” of China’s national territory, there are more than 7 million hectares of bamboo forests in China, and the bamboo industry spans the primary,secondary and tertiary industries, including more than 10 categories of bamboo building materials,bamboo daily necessities,bamboo crafts and more. It is proposed in the Opinions on accelerating the innovation and development of the bamboo industry jontly issused by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the National development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and ten other departments that the total output value of the bamboo industry in China will exceed 1 trillion RMB by 2035.

Bamboo forest carbon sequestration capacity is far more than that of ordinary forest.

Bamboo forest carbon sequestration capacity is 1.46 times that of Chinese fir.

1.33 times the tropical rain forest.

China’s bamboo forests can reduce carbon sequestration by 3.02 million tons per year.

If global each year used 6 billon ton bamboo,instead of PVC products, about will be reduce 40 million ton CO2.

Bamboo can be replace what plastic?

  1. Bamboo winding pipe
  2. Bamboo package
  3. Bamboo lattice stuffing
  4. Bamboo woven grille
  5. Daily bamboo products

Nowadays,bamboo plastic products are more and more common around us. From Disposable bamboo tableware,automobile interior decoration,electronic product shell, sports equipment to product packaging,protective equipment,etc,bamboo products are used in a variety of applications,using bamboo instead of plastic is not only limited to the existing technology and products, it has a broader prospect and unlimited potential waiting to be explored.