What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels?

Normal life, need to use kitchen paper towel clean oil stains. What are the functions and characteristics of kitchen paper towels?

  1. Clean and hygienic

Kitchen paper towel is a disposable tissue that avoids bacteria that can build up over time, and it’s on par with rags when it comes to removing stains.

  1. Water stain removal

Because the absorbent capacity of kitchen paper is very strong, just wipe the second time with kitchen paper water stains will be gone. And the kitchen paper is not as easy to break as the general paper towels, you can wipe where you want to wipe where, will not drop slag.

  1. Strong water absorption

Kitchen paper towel is very absorbent, the most obvious thing in use is to absorb water from food. No matter what kind of food uses kitchen paper to absorb water, we can clearly see that its absorption effect is very good, and absorption speed is also very fast. Put the water into the pot, so there will be no oil spatter.

  1. Strong oil absorption

In addition to water absorption, it also absorbs oil well. You can use it to suck the excess oil out of the frying pan so that we can eat it healthier. And the requirements of the kitchen paper is very strict, is not to add fluorescent agents, so you can rest assured that it and food contact. In addition, it can also be used to wipe the tableware with oil stains, wiped tableware will be very convenient to clean.