Do you pick the right tissue? Here have a few tips teach you how to choose?

Every family have tissue.

But do you select right?

Napkin and toilet roll have big different.

If mixed that is trouble.

Small tissue have big knowledge.

Different tissue,different use

In life,we usually see facial tissue,toilet paper,wet tissue,kitchen paper towel etc. Each type purpose are different. They can’t replace each other.

Facial tissue

Paper special for face

Facial tissue,napkin special for clean the face,softness and close the skin. Highest hygiene requirement, use for clean the mouth,face more safe.

Besides, Facial tissue put into water have good toughness,not easy broken and without scraps remain on the face.

Toilet paper

Paper special for toilet

Toilet paper has moderate softness and mainly used when going to the toilet.

Qualified toilet paper is not harmful to the human body. Although the standard of hygiene is not as high as facial tissue, but the price is cheaper.

Attention: Some friends are particularly exquisite, use facial tissue instead of toilet paper, this is wrong way. Facial tissue with good tough. It is easy clogs the toilet and takes time and effort to clean up. So it’s best not to replace each other.

Wet wipes

Sterilization special paper

Wipes paper contains some bactericidal components. When it is not convenient to wash hands outside. Wipes paper can effectively clean and sterilize.

Note: The wipes should not used for face. The face skin is fragile, and the bactericidal ingredients are easy to cause itching and redness.

Kitchen paper

Special cleaning paper

Kitchen paper have good water absorption and oil absorption. Have big sheet and thickness. Suit for clean kitchen appliance,glass window,mirror,desk etc. It is worthy of the name clean small expert.

In addition to household cleaning. Kitchen paper also cleans food and absorbs moisture and grease from the surface of the food before cooking,making it fresher and cleaner.

How to choose a tissue?

One: Pick the right not pick cheap.

Paper towel are one of the most commonly used daily necessities, when you buy them, you should choose the one meet your needs and try to choose a reliable brand.

Same kind of paper towels have big different. Please don’t choose cheap tissue, Easy have big loss and problems.

For example, two tissues with the same packaging, one at a discount, the other at the original price, which would you prefer? I believe that most people will choose the discounted goods. A careful comparison of two packs of paper towels can be found in the corner of the package: one is rated as qualified, the other as first-class.

Note: In fact, there are three levels of facial tissue: excellent, first-class and qualified. They differ in softness, water absorption and toughness, with superior being the best, first-class being the second, and qualified being the worst.

Two: look at the product details at the bottom of the package.

Paper towel packaging at the bottom of the general product details, pay attention to the elimination size, product raw materials. The name of elimination approval is issued by the health administration department at the provincial level or above to be a regular product, and the original wood pulp is the best in the raw material of the product.

Tree: Touches

Good paper towels feel soft and delicate, gently knead won’t lose hair, powder. Don’t buy loose, powdered paper towels, no matter how cheap.

More than toughness, hold a native wood pulp paper towel, a little hard pull, paper towel will be pulled wrinkles appear, but will not break. And bad paper towels due to low wood pulp content, poor flexibility, a little force will appear fracture phenomenon.

Four: Smell the taste

Smell the paper when you buy it. If there is a chemical smell, the bleach content is high, and it is best not to buy it. When facial tissue is purchased, do not buy to have fragrance as far as possible,so as not to wipe the mouth essence remains on the lips, eat accidentally in the stomach.

This way use paper more safe

A variety of paper is kept at home

Some people if meet the supermarket have discount will be bring many tissue paper go back home. Go to toilet,clean face also use it.It’s not very scientific. The function of all kinds of paper had better not replace each other, put for a long time the paper is not clean.

Toilet paper ,napkin used more, can be have some stock.Kitchen paper towel and wet tissue use a little, 1-2 months buy one time is enough.

It will be used up within one month

Paper hygiene must pay attention, when buying do not buy bulk paper tissue. After opening the paper tissue had better be used up within one month. Toilet paper and napkin should be placed in tissue boxes to reduce contact with the air and prevant moisture from breeding bacteria.

Wet wipes can not replace hand washing

Used the wet wipes also need to hand washing. The liquid content of wipes is generally 80%. The main ingredients are water and bactercidal medicine. In order to make the bactericidal medicine solution effectively dissolve in water for a long time. Some Chemical agents will be added to the wipes paper. While these chemicals do not seriously affect the skin, they can linger on the hands. Therefore, the best disinfection method is to wash hands with soap and rinsed under running water.