Toilet Paper Bamboo vs. Wood vs. Recycle Material Difference Analysis

Toilet paper

Material: Virgin bamboo pulp

Origin: Mainly grown in China Sichuan,Chongqing etc.Bamboo is regeneration plant,strong fecundity,short grown cycle,excellent quality. For China,bamboo forest resources are abundant, There are famous word said” the world’s bamboo in Asia,Asian bamboo in China”, And our wood resources are gradually decreasing, and enterprises with real conscience have the responsibility to take into people and the environment develop together.

Total number of fungal colonies:Test results:<20. Standard requirements:≤100.

Technology: High speed import machine. Per month capacity: 90 HQ containers of one machine.Easy tearing.100% biodegradable,100% sustainable,hypoallergenic,ultra-absorbent and velvety soft.


Material: Virgin wood pulp

Origin: China 70% wood pulp import from Brazil,United States,Canada and so on.Only 30% are self-sufficient. More than 27,000 trees are cut down every day just to make toilet paper.

Total number of fungal colonies:Test results:360(Serious bacterial over load). Standard requirements:≤100.

Technology: Domestic machine,low capacity.


Material: Recycle

Origin: Since Jan 01,2021, China has completely banned the import of solid rubbish,Currently 100% recycle paper made of domestic recycled materials.

Total number of fungal colonies: No test.

Technology: Domestic small machine, low capacity,Incision tear easily rupture and strip paper, meanwhile the surface of paper is not beautiful, easy to have black spots.


Cetificate proof same as below:

Bamboo Pulp Toilet Tissue Bacterial Detection Report

Wood Pulp Toilet Tissue Bacterial Detection Report


In conclusion, you can clearly understand the difference between various materials. Of course no matter you choose any material. Suit for your market that is the best.