Bamboo toilet paper Part of important thing around our side

We are Doocity company,do OEM & ODM, in China we offer 100% bamboo toilet paper to Chinese petrol station(CNPC). mainly export to USA, Singapore,Australia,Poland,Canada,the secondary we ship to Italy, UK,Morocco, Korea and so on.

Our factory do bamboo paper 15 years already. we focus on protect environment,bamboo grow fastly as long as 1 year can grow well, so we choose bamboo as our sales’ products. use bamboo to make paper, can decrease to cut trees and protect forest. the key point we do no add decolorizer and fluorescent and any chemical in paper, keep nature.

For white color , it is use O2 oxidation to make, cut bamboo small , fermentation and booking, use Physical method to change white color. No adding any chemical.

High quality bamboo 3 ply soft toilet tissue paper

Furthermore, inside bamboo fiber there is one call” Bamboo Kun”, it can anti-microbial, it is healthy for human body using bamboo paper.

Bamboo paper quality is good, equal to 100% wood, but the strength is more strong. good water-absorbing and easily dissolution in water. in market now, the natural color (unbleached color) is most popular especial for the woman and baby. white color too, it is use O2 oxidation to make,  we no adding any chemical.

Now in our Chinese market, bamboo paper is popular more and more,  for unbleached color, especially many mothers and baby choose it.More and more people focus on friendly environment products.

Our dream is prompt bamboo paper to whole world, let everyone know and use bamboo products, at the same time save more green area and provide more clear air.