Protect the earth and use bamboo paper tissue

What’s happening now these three years. Covid-19,Natural disasters,earthquake,every every important things.

That is telling human.This beautiful planet is being destroyed. The forest is gradually destroyed. Every year about 17 million hectares of trees are cut down.The world produces about 450000000 tons of garbage each year. more than 8 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean,more than 15 million marine creatures die from plastic waste because of our actions. Now only about 4000 tigers left,less than 1800 pandas. The earth in the universe is trying to protect us,and we have been hurting it.

This is the world we share. And what you have to do,it’s just a little move,change the past.Put yourself into the beauty.Amazing our soul,Protect the environment,Listening to the joyful melody of nature.This is what we’ve been searching for all our lives.

In a limited time. Beauty and life do not mean eternity. A loaded home can no longer afford. Finally, the future we looking for.until we sort out our only future.Protect the environment, use biodegrade packaging. I hope we can back to starting point.

The earth start is blue color, now is grey color.

We do not want our grandchildren to breathe in haze.

We do not want our children to can not see the blue sky.

We do not want to irrigate our homes with sewage.

We use action to make a contribution to environmental protection.

We produce bamboo household product to express our desire for environmental protection.

Protect the forest without cutting down trees.

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Let us together to action.

we are OEM, In China we offer 100% bamboo paper to Chinese petrol station(CNPC). mainly export to USA, Singapore,the secondary we ship to Austria,UK,Japan and so on.

our factory do bamboo paper 15 years already. we focus on protect environment,

Bamboo is a ‘Superplant’ – and the fastest growing plant in the world. Growing up to 3 feet in 24 hours
* Absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees
*Produces 35% more oxygen than trees
*Maturity reached within 4-6 years. Trees take 30-60 years.
*Requires no pesticides or fertilizers – only needs rain water to grow

so we choose bamboo as our sales’ products. use bamboo to make paper, can decrease to cut trees and protect forest. the key point we do no add any chemical in paper, keep nature.

our dream is prompt bamboo paper to whole world, let everyone know and use bamboo products, at the same time save more green area and provide more clear air.

So bamboo toilet paper,kitchen paper towel,napkin,facial tissue,pocket tissue you’re worth have it.

We warmly hope plant more trees, separate the garbage,buy more eco-friendly products,create a balanced and normal environment for future. Let the earth breathe normally from each human.